Digital nomad a future of workforce

Think about your work situation: Are there ever days where you’ve been allowed some flexibility in where you work or the hours you set? If so, then you’ve gotten a glimpse of the future and how our workforce may be moving, pretty rapidly.

That arrangement—where the hours you keep and where you keep them is less important than the work you get done—is called by some people being a digital nomad.

Untethered by the need to be in an office, digital nomads maximize their use of technology in order to enable a more flexible living and working arrangement, be it in a coffee shop down the street, a country halfway around the globe, or cozy warmth of your home while kids are at school.

By all measurements, digital nomads are steadily increasing for all companies; some even employ them exclusively. It’s good for companies and its good for people, and this graphic explains some of the reasons why.

digital nomads

The studies showed that the remote workers are more productive, have a higher engagement and generally lower overhead costs.

My own experience and acquaintance with many freelancers showed me time and time again that we are hard working folks often combining family duties, full time jobs or studies with remote work. We have no time to lose so we are efficient in achieving business goals with our clients.

What I love about remote work is a work-life harmony I am able to achieve. I can keep an eye on my junior infants helping them to do their homework and establish much needed habits for a future success in life. But I can also use my time while they are at school to earn and support my family. The best part is bringing my laptop to the nearby Starbucks, drinking my white chocolate mocha, and working my way through digital marketing campaigns.

How Do I Trust Remote Worker

For many prospect clients the matter of trust is a hurdle. Business owners are not sure that remote workers would be as efficient and productive as employees in the office.

However, technology can help us to overcome this issue as there are many tools for communication, time tracking, project management and collaboration in general. I’m sure that you have your favorites.

As we still work with real people, there are things that a freelancer can do to gain trust of a new client. Delivering high quality work in a timely manner is a way to start. Availability is important as well. I had a chance to meet freelancers who just underestimated their workload and were not able to start with the new commitment although they got a job. So being fair to yourself and client is crucial for happiness of both.


Working as a digital nomad is popular more than ever. My Instagram feed is full of photos of beautiful destinations my connections are sharing on a daily basis. Although the companies know there are risks, they also understand many advantages of remote work. An employee who is given a chance to balance better between work and life and trust that he will still do a good job is a satisfied and more engaged employee. Who wouldn’t want that?

~ From Nada with love

Digital Nomads – The Future of a Workforce

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