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I don’t know about you but remote work changed my life. In fact, it enabled me to earn and support my family together with my husband when everything seemed hopeless. It enabled me to build a strong network of clients I enjoy working with. It enabled me to make this blog, connect with many virtual assistants, and share with them all the good (and bad) things that are part of our business.

I also know that it changed a life of many stay-at-home mums. Remote work gave us the opportunity to do both – be there for our children and work from home whenever possible. Because of this I often consider myself a superwoman of everyday life. (It would be cool if I could fly, too, but oh well 🙂 )

Now Let’s Talk About This Event

Have you ever thought about scaling up your business, but had no idea how to do it exactly? How to expand your team? If the answer is yes, and you are serious about it, then I have some great news for you.

The event to attend this summer is Running Remote Conference that will take place in Bali, 23-24th June 2018. The world’s leading CEOs will talk about building and managing remote teams.

Who will speak

Now, hear these names:

Joel Gascoigne Co-founder & CEO, BUFFER

Amir Salihefendic Founder & CEO, DOIST (My favorite task-management tool Todoist)

Sara Sutton Fell Founder, FLEXJOBS & REMOTE.CO

Dominic Price Head of R&D and Work Futurist, ATLASSIAN

And many more here.

These names alone should be enough to persuade you to go to Bali, as these guys are the ones who have built some of the worlds’ best remote teams. As the organizers like to say “No fluff, no muss. Just hard-hitting tips from inside the trenches.” The actionable knowledge that you would be able to use immediately.

Where is the venue exactly

bali venue

The event will be hosted in Green School Bali that provides 8 hectares of a tropical environment, just outside Ubud.

If you like, you can also opt-in to yoga classes. Overlooking a river, organic breakfast, world-class workshops, panel discussions, and talks will be available to you.

How much it costs

Check out the prices on the picture below:

pricing running remote bali


Please note that there is a $400 discount available until March 31st, so if interested, hurry to buy your ticket.

What themes would be covered

My personal favorites are “How to deal with multiple countries/currencies” and “Mindfulness – remotely sane”, but there are more interesting topics. You will be also able to learn about scaling up to $100 million as a team, relation of remote teams and blockchain (should the “not good fit” be acceptable).


If you can go, go. You’ll learn from Buffer, Atlassian, Todoist, GitHub, GitLab, Time Doctor and many more companies. They’ll show you how to build your own remote team successfully because they did it.

Work Remotely? You’d Love This Event In Bali

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